Unimaginable Photos That Don’t Make A Lick Of Sense

There are certain things that make you wonder whether you are awake or you’re still dreaming. Try to look at these unimaginable photos that are so hilariously bizarre and you’ll get what we’re talking about. The world is indeed full of crazy things that don’t make sense at all. But we can’t deny the fact that these things can amuse us, one way or another. If something can make our day by giving us a good laugh, then it’s good. That’s why we’re sharing you these funny and unimaginable photos for your total enjoyment. If this list made you laugh, then don’t forget to share the happiness with your friends.




What I see on this sign: If you see someone drowning, Laugh Out Loud. Call 911.

Imgur | dat81403

What were they thinking when they made this garage? Or was it intended for flying cars? Because there’s no way ordinary cars can reach that height.

Reddit | pattynobrain

Isn’t it a bit uncomfortable to sit on a very wet toilet? So what’s the reason behind this dank design?

Reddit | denkmemz

This looks like a crude poster at first glance but when you realize that it’s nothing but a pair of flip flops, you’ll certainly blame your eyes for perceiving differently.

Imgur | BradWthrd

People will definitely take this sign seriously because no one would want to slip down and be eaten alive by a hungry shark.

Reddit | suckfail

When you desperately want to see the Eiffel Tower everyday, you can build your own tower in your own yard.

Reddit | Seo_0o

This is actually a bold move from the parking enforcers. I wonder if that wheel boot can survive when this heavy tank starts moving.

Reddit | xelaxmax54

Hilariously bizarre photos beyond your wildest dreams



A girl without legs is floating on air! That’s probably what you’re thinking, right? Sorry to burst your bubbles but it’s not. Now, take a good look.

legless girl unimaginable photos
Reddit | OverkillGaming

Aladdin would definitely panic when his magic carpet suddenly melts like this while they’re hovering above the clouds, trying to show the world to Jasmine

Reddit | Palana

Did this clock come from a parallel universe? Or someone was just curious to see how a clock moves counter-clockwise?

Reddit | Runamuk360

Okay, let’s try to swap the faces of celebrities who bear almost-similar names. This Photoshop job is cool, actually.

Reddit | soumik1230

When you try to blend into the surrounding, not to become invisible but to draw everyone’s attention instead.

Reddit | greyimpala

Armor isn’t only used in combats. It can also be used to protect yourself from snow when you try to blow them away.

Reddit | slyx6

Safety comes first. This obedient worker made sure he follows rules even if it seems impossible. There is indeed nothing impossible for a resolute will.

Reddit | marytylersmores

Sharks are scary enough on their own. But sharks with human legs are way more creepy.