Get In The Festive Spirit With This Tabletop Easter Egg Tree

Make a statement this spring by decorating your home with this pre-lit tabletop Easter egg tree. When we say ‘holiday tree’, it’s the festive Christmas tree that immediately comes to mind. But it shouldn’t only be for Christmas, all holidays deserve a symbolic tree to celebrate the event. In recent years, putting up spooky artificial trees has become a trend every Halloween. As one of the most celebrated festivities in the world, Easter should also have its own decorative tree.

Well, here’s the thing. Easter egg trees are a thing and it is a centuries-old tradition that initially started in Germany. In fact, this German tradition of decorating trees with painted eggs during Easter is also a customary practice in other European countries such as Austria, Poland and Sweden. Now you can also bring this time-honored tradition into your home by getting this tabletop tree that comes with warm white LED lights and painted eggs for decoration.


Tabletop Easter Egg Tree

tabletop easter egg tree

This pre-lit tabletop tree measures 2 feet tall with a square base measuring 4 inches. The mini tree is covered with adhesive tape featuring hand-painted birch tree bark. You can adjust the flexible branches according to your preference. It has 24 LED lights located on the tips of its branches which are powered by 3 AA batteries (not included). You can find the on/off switch on the side of the base. The middle position of the switch is the timing function that automatically turns the device off after 6 hours. And automatically turns it back on after 18 hours.

artificial birch tree ornamental eggs


tabletop easter egg tree with painted eggs


hanging painted eggs led lights


pre-lit tabletop easter egg tree

Of course, the tree isn’t complete without the colorful, painted eggs. It comes with 10 ornamental eggs in different colors, 8 of which have string attachments to let you hang them on the branches. Two of the ornamental eggs come in the form of adorable hatchlings that are intended to decorate the base where the tree stands. What’s more, it includes a tree skirt presenting a festive scene filled with bunnies holding decorative eggs. One customer review reads:

“This tree is pretty and very flexible. The limbs are firm and can hold little ornaments. The LED lights are bright and the timer seems to work well too.”

artificial tree with ornamental eggs


holiday tree with decorative eggs


tabletop easter egg tree spring decor

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