26 Shocking Photos That Will Leave You Confused

A picture is worth a thousand words, but this collection of shocking photos will leave you dumbfounded and speechless that all you can do is scratch your head as you ask yourself “What did I just see?”

Try not to beat yourself up wondering and if you’ve got any stupefying photos to share, we’ll be happy to see them in the comments below!

To enter or not to enter?

So apparently, a cruise ship on top of a mountain is now possible.

The reason why you SHOULD NOT skip on design fees.

The best place to chill.

Coolest piano on earth.

A restaurant in Wisconsin decided to put goats on the roof. Quite a tactic, huh?

This is just wrong on so many levels.

The world’s most useless ladder.

Talk about child safety…

Awkward toilet #1…

…#2. How are we supposed to do our thing?

Gaming fridge.

Has anyone seen my cat?

Another way of making cheeseburgers?

The Stonehenge built by heating system repairmen.

A drain cover right smack in the middle of a hallway.

Lion: “No one’s going to hurt you…but me.”

A stairway to nowhere?

When there aren’t any clean pans at home:

“Sarah Connor, do you wanna build a snowman?”

My grandma’s butter box:

Mowing hay in November.

When there are more questions than answers…

There’s something strange with this tree.

Isn’t this marking supposed to be on the road?

Does anyone know how this car managed to go up to the 4th floor?