15 of the Most Baffling and Bizarre Photos on The Internet

Scrolling the internet day in and out, we’re bound to come across funny, weird and shocking things that will certainly leave a mark on us. Take these 20 bizarre photos on the internet we found for example.

No oven? No problem! Pop those cookies on the hood of your car for a tastier treat!

News flash: Housing market crashed (literally)!

This guy found a surfboard with not one, but two shark bites.

What curious minds children have.

We’re torn between deciding if this is the coolest or dumbest invention we’ve seen.

Vampire cat.

Manspreading in public is a huge no-no.

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How cool is this frozen dripping water?

Looks like a scene from the Final Destination 2 movie.

When dirt turns into a work of art:

A flock of starlings flying in the shape of a bird.

The only time tangled earphones is a good thing.

The home decor item you never knew you needed – until now.

Lemon tree growing tangerines on one side.

How to properly dispose a boat:

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