Photographer Jill Bliss Captures The Colorful Beauty Of Mushrooms In Vibrant Photo Series

Most of the time, we find wildflowers, lush greens, and wandering animals the typical subjects of nature photography. But artist Jill Bliss has found unexpected beauty in mushrooms. Contrary to common perception about these fungi, mushrooms also come in various vibrant hues. Bliss’ Nature Medleys features colorful mushroom photos captured on her daily wanders amidst the rich islands of the Pacific Northwest.

This collection depicts the inexplicable beauty of the region’s biodiversity. Each piece consists of carefully curated fungi, flowers, ferns, and other botanical elements. Bliss then arranges these elements intricately to produce exceptional representations of life in the wild. Likewise, all Mushroom Medley pieces boast of well-thought-of color schemes—from bold and radiant hues to subtle and muted tones.

Artist Jill Bliss carefully curates fungi, flowers, ferns, and other botanical elements to create stunning pieces for her Nature Medleys.

Mushroom Medley with Succulents by Jill Bliss


Mushroom Medley with Helvella Heart by Jill Bliss

Bliss incorporates mindful forage practices in all her medleys which she constantly fine-tunes. While these medleys would surely make decorative pieces, she never takes any of them. Instead, she simply leaves them right where she created them, for the locals or anyone who chances upon them to enjoy.

“These medleys are always created with the utmost respect and thankfulness for the beings who inhabit them and their area.”

Mushroom Medley with Corals by Jill Bliss


Mushroom Medley with Agaric by Jill Bliss

Since 2012, Bliss has been a “modern nomad of the Salish Sea.” When not creating art, she spends most of her days working with community members in Cascadia. Meanwhile, her “close observations of discreet moments in nature” are what give her an unconventional yet unique perception of other life forms around her. As such, she’s able to translate them into stunning artworks.

In addition to her medleys, Bliss also showcases nature’s beauty through her paintings. You may check out her other works here. She also has an online shop where you can buy her artworks, prints, magnets, stickers, and note cards.

Mushroom Medley Rainbow by Jill Bliss


Mushroom Medley Purple on Green by Jill Bliss


Mushroom Medley on a Seabluff by Jill Bliss


Mushroom Medley in Moss #2 by Jill Bliss


Mushroom Medley Flowers and Moss by Jill Bliss


Mushroom Medley Cluster by Jill Bliss


Colorful Mushroom Photos Mushroom Medley by Jill Bliss


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