14 Stories From People Who Believe They’ve Had A Supernatural Experience


We’re much more inclined to be skeptics than believers in the supernatural, but the amount of people who claim to have had unexplainable encounters has to make you wonder. Are these folks lying, deluded, or have they genuinely seen something strange? Maybe there are things in this world (or the next) that we simply cannot fully comprehend. Whether or not you believe in ghosts or other supernatural phenomenon, it can sometimes be fun to hear people’s spooky tales, anyway! Check out these fourteen stories from people who believe they’ve had a supernatural experience.



Could this be the work of a ghost with a secret?


At least nothing came out!


Here’s hoping she stays on that staircase.


Have you ever heard of a ghost who can carry a tune?


The combination of the running noises and the weird shadows makes this a pretty creepy tale.


If we saw this, we’d move house instantly.


Hopefully this was just someone else in the house messing with them.


Could this person’s father really have sent a message from beyond the grave to provide comfort?


Maybe some spirits just can’t stand chit-chat.


Hearing a child when no child is present is never a good sign.


The fact it was the bible makes this extra creepy.


Perhaps this person’s best friend wanted to say one last goodbye.


Ghost babies are the stuff of nightmares.


Guardian angel is definitely the least terrifying option!

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