Woman Sits Near Little Girl On Flight And She Kept Giving “One-Liners” That Were Too Good Not To Share

Your seatmate on a plane is a total mystery – until they sit next to you. While we’ve heard plenty of nightmarish stories about seatmates from hell, there are also those heartening stories of finding their ideal friends in random persons sitting next to them who in one way or another, made their flight a wonderful experience. Twitter user @KatiHartwig shared her own amazing experience with a seatmate who happened to be a little girl who kept serving hilarious one-liners.

Sitting next to kids on planes can give any passenger a dreadful flight. They have short attention spans, make a lot of noises, break down frequently, and cry a lot – which are just normal behaviors in distressed kids during a long flight. While having a rowdy kid as a seatmate on a plane is never fun, there are also definite upsides of sitting next to a kid as well. Hartwig, a digital media specialist for Columbus Airport, got a sweet encounter with a little girl sitting in her adjacent seat on her recent flight on Southwest Airlines.


Woman Tweets Her Amusing Encounter With A Little Girl During Flight And Her Random One-Liners

little girl one-liners during flight

Shawnee, the 6-year-old passenger, was on her way to Florida with her parents who were seated in a different row. The little girl decided to start a conversation with Hartwig, ‘warning’ her that she’s going to talk to her randomly. Soon enough, the little girl began serving witty one-liners that got her seatmate very impressed.

friendly little girl plane seatmate

As soon as the plane took off, Shawnee began saying clever one-liners about random things including in-flight food, the view outside, her mature choice of TV shows, and even the Wright brothers. They clicked with each other right from the start and both got engaged talking with each other. Hartwig really enjoyed the little girl’s witty remarks while the little girl also became interested about Hartwig’s job. The friendly kid even helped her choose photos and videos for her work profile.

little girl one-liners in-flight food


little girl one-liners wright brothers


little girl one-liners tilting for better view


little girl one-liners in-flight decorum reclining seat


little girl plane seatmate tv show choice


little girl one-liners in-flight tv show

Hartwig decided to share her fantastic encounter with the young passenger on Twitter, documenting their conversation and her random one-liners. At first, she intended to share her amusing experience to her friends to share the laughs.

Little did she know that her tweets would blow up and become viral. While many people find her story amusing, other people thought she just made up the whole story. Some people even asked her to take a photo of the girl to prove that she’s actually real.

little girl one-liners plane going down landing


little girl plane seatmate landing video advice


little girl one-liners during flight seatmate

It wasn’t Hartwig’s intention to exploit the girl when she made those now-viral tweets but rather to share the smiles with her close friends. She insisted that the girl was traveling with her parents and she would never publicize a child without the parent’s permission. Hartwig couldn’t care less if people believed her story or not.

For her, having the opportunity to meet this amazing kid made this particular flight one of the most memorable. On her viral Twitter thread, people also began sharing their own funny conversations with kids during flights. And these amusing stories really make us realize that sitting next to a kid on a plane isn’t that bad after all.

funny kid conversations talking to strangers


funny kid conversations lying about age


funny kid conversations during flight


kid plane seatment friendly encounter


funny kid conversations during flight sudoku


funny kid conversations during flight forewarn

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