23 People Reveal Weird Things They Secretly Stole As Kids

People can remember the weird things they secretly stole as kids. One thing we all learned as kids was to never take things that doesn’t belong to you, but sometimes kids still have to adjust between what’s right and wrong. Unfortunately, during the adjustment period, there were times when there had to be weird things they secretly stole as kids because kids just can’t just help it. Looking back, as adults, we can vividly remember those moments and hope we can return the things stolen and right the wrong. But, now we can only look back and laugh at it and maybe even still a bit of regret.

Parents now have to keep an extra eye out on their kids because they might have already stolen something!


Some kids can be too clever just to get what they want. At least it was paid for.

“The end justifies the means” is this kid’s motto.

Judging by her actions, I wonder if their friendship lasted long too.

When you want something as a kid but no one gives it to you, then you have to take matters into your own hands.

Kids commit honest mistakes all the time!

The weird things they secretly stole as kids can take a toll on someone else.

Just making sure everybody is doing their job right… I guess security wasn’t as tight when they need to be.

The weird things they secretly stole as kids doesn’t usually stay a secret forever.

Time to get a job and pay your mom back!

Some things are enjoyed better when you leave the dirty secrets unsaid.

Hopefully all the guilt was thrown out with it as well.

Karma has a way of sending a message.

How can you make up for the things you’ve done years ago?

Can’t blame the kid. Books can be really attractive even for non-bookworms!

It takes a little risk to discover what you want in life.

Now that’s a weird thing any kid would want to steal.

Well, someone has to take the blame!

It’s hard to make a living when you’re a kid.

It pays better than mowing lawns.

What’s a movie without popcorn, right?

That’s why adults should take kids seriously!

Learn from it the hard way.

Alcohol is just another one of the weird things they secretly stole as kids.