Awkward Things That Happened At Family Reunions

Many people attend family reunions. For some, this is a regular occurrence, for others it’s rarer. However, you can almost guarantee that something will go wrong. For example, someone’s secrets might be outed or someone might make a drunken fool of themselves. These types of situations are not uncommon! Here we have a list of awkward things that happened at family reunions. Some of them are hilarious, others are plain awful! Take a look and feel free to share any of your own reunion blunders in the comments section!
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This is far too relatable! 

Seems like a pretty poor move from mom. Why does the entire family need to know this private information?

This is pretty sad… 

Not exactly the reactions you would want…

Savage. We know who won this one! 

This person will never be able to look at the cousin in the same way again! 

Introverts will totally understand this… 

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Not the most appropriate thing to teach to a 5 year old! It was probably quite funny at the time though. 

We bet the parents felt mortified! However, we’re sure everyone laughed it off. 

Outed! And, by the sounds of it, the aunt deserved it! 

Not something you want or expect to see, ever! 

We can imagine these reunions are dreaded by this person! 

Thank you but no thank you! 

A dangerous game to play when you’re around family!