Simply Cover And Go With The New ‘Hide-A-Poo’ For Dog Owners

Taking your dogs out for a walk in the park is an exciting activity for most pet owners. However, the fun certainly stops when your dog starts to drop the bomb in the most unexpected places. Of course, being the responsible fur parent that you are, you’ll stop to scoop that poop. That’s unless you have this robot that can do the job for you. But don’t you wish there’s a way to get away with it—without people judging you? Well, now you can with these Hide-A-Poo rocks! 

As the name suggests, it allows you to cover up your pooch’s little nasty crime. This brilliant poop-covering device features a realistic and professionally-sculpted rock formation design. That said, no one would surely suspect you of any mischief or wrongdoing. People will simply assume that it’s part of the landscape design. Hence, you can perfectly walk away from the scene without feeling any guilt or shame.

Hide-A-Poo Prank Gift Box Front


Hide-A-Poo Prank Gift Box Back Moreover, these rocks can cover any stool size. So, no matter what your dog’s breed is, these rocks got your furry friend and his or her poop covered. Literally and figuratively. Made of 100% virgin plastic, these poop coverups are tough, durable and waterproof. Hence, they’re totally ideal for outdoor use. 

Hide-A-Poo Prank Gift Box Details Stool Size

And the best part about these rocks is that they also come in seasonal designs. These include Spring Mini Shrub, Autumn Leaf Pile, and Winter Snow Chunk. Just how awesome is that? By using these rocks, you’re not just doing yourself a favor by skipping the scoop-the-poop hassle. In fact, you’re also doing others a favor by preventing them from accidentally stepping on your dog’s poop.  

Hide-A-Poo Prank Gift Box Details Seasonal Designs

These rocks definitely sound like a dream come true for all the dog owners out there. Well, by now, you should know that if a product seems too good to be true, then it is. Apparently, these Hide-A-Poo rocks are merely a prank gift idea. To be exact, its “packaging” is just a prank gift box.  

Hide-A-Poo Prank Gift Box Packaging


Real Gift Inside the Prank Gift Box

Indeed, there’s no way that you could escape scooping your dog’s poop in public places. Not ever. So, you’ll just have to accept that harsh reality of being a fur parent. Besides, there are proper ways of disposing dog waste that you as a pet owner should know and observe. But, it doesn’t include leaving them and simply forgetting about them. 

Nonetheless, this prank gift box is a great way to confuse and amuse your pet-loving friends at the same time. We bet you’ll have them raising their eyebrows in no time. Wrap your real gift inside this funny box and see their even funnier reactions yourself!

Confused Reaction Upon Receiving Hide-A-Poo Gift


Amused Reaction Upon Finding Real Gift Inside Prank Gift Box

Prank gift boxes are always a great idea for hiding your real Christmas presents. After all, no amount of expensive items can beat the gift of laughter.   

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