People Have Been Collecting Empty Wine Bottles And Creating Christmas Trees With Them

Are you ready to see the latest Christmas trend? If yes, then you’ve got to check out these wine bottle Christmas trees because these are a must-have right now. Indeed, real pine trees are out and fake Christmas trees are in. In a worldwide attempt to minimize tree-cutting, people have started to use artificial trees instead. Sure, there are lots of plastic trees that we can buy from stores. But then again, adding up more plastic wastewould defeat the purpose of saving the environment, right?

If you really want to help the environment, you can do so by reusing or recycling items to reduce existing waste materials. Furthermore, recycling can also save you a lot of money since you won’t be buying fake trees anymore. Anything goes when it comes to Christmas tree. You can use whatever is laying around, from old books and tires to metal scraps and used plastic bottles. If you are a wine enthusiast, you probably have heaps of empty wine bottles piled up somewhere. Well, guess what? You can reuse those glass bottles and put up your own Christmas tree.


Going with DIY bottle Christmas trees over real ones won’t make your holiday any less bright. In fact, you’ll be joining in the newest craze that is taking over Instagram and Twitter. Moreover, you now have a legitimate excuse to drink more wine all year long. An artificial tree made from empty bottles may sound a bit tacky but you’ll be surprised to see the stunning result. Just take a look at these impressive examples:


Are you ready to make your own wine bottle Christmas trees? For the materials, you’ll need a tiered bottle drying rack, lots of empty wine bottles and fairy lights. Place the bottle drying rack where you want your tree to stand and wrap the frame in fairy lights. Then stack the empty bottles starting from the bottom up.  Finish it up with a topper, either a star or an empty bottle, plug in the lights and enjoy your elegant holiday tree. Of course, don’t forget to share the result on Instagram for the world to see.