You Can Now Get Matching Party Dresses For You And Your Bestie

The festive season is upon us, which means your social calendar’s probably heavily booked with parties left and right! Another thing we love about the holiday season is that it offers so many opportunities to dress up! More and more fashion outlets are selling outfits not only for humans but also for dogs. Missguided greeted the winter season by releasing a collection of matching knits for dogs and their owners. However, if you’re looking for something more… sparkly, Pink Boutique has created a collection of matching party dresses for you and your gorgeous pet.

owner and pet wearing matching party dresses
Pink Boutique

Jumpers are wardrobe essentials for the frosty season. They’re the epitome of cozy. However, attending a party in a jumper may feel a little… boring. Yes, ugly Christmas sweaters are a thing, but it’s only fun when you do it a couple of times. Besides, dressing up in glitzy holiday outfits are part of the season’s fun after all!

matching doggy party dress
Pink Boutique


Pink Boutique’s matching party dresses will make you and your pooch the belle of the ball

dog party dress as seen from behind
Pink Boutique

For that special season, the UK-based fashion store created an adorable version of their classic ‘Heart Broken Skater Dress’ fit for your tiny princess. The dress features a rose gold layered skirt and a sequin top. Putting this on your pooch, given that she’s comfortable with being dressed up, will be a breeze thanks to its velcro closure. Unfortunately, the dress is made only for extra small breeds like Chihuahuas and Pomeranians.

They don’t make sizes beyond it, so if your pooch is on the bigger side, you might need to look elsewhere or wait until the fashion retailer releases a more inclusive collection next time.

dog party dress measurements
Pink Boutique

If you’ve fallen in love with these matching dresses like we have, the Heart Breaker dress can be yours for £65. Complete the adorable festive look with the Puppy Love dog dress for only £19. You and your pooch will be the only things people talk about with these sparkly dresses on!


Look at this pup, isn’t she just gorgeous?