14 Amazing New Inventions That Will Blow Your Mind

Whatever will they think of next? Well, if this list of brand new inventions is anything to go by, then the answer is: plenty of crazy and incredible, out-there stuff! Bear in mind, much of today’s technology was never even imagined of a few short decades ago! So, how long before today’s high tech computers and gadgets are considered laughably outdated? Check out these cutting edge inventions! Which ones do you reckon will take off?

This ‘Superman’ memory crystal can hold half a million CDs worth of data. It can store data for a million years, too

The ‘MJv1.0’ allows people to use their jacket as a musical instrument

The world’s first holographic magazine has been created by a company called ‘FUNN’.

‘NASA’s X1 Exoskeleton’ will help astronauts walk in space

Scientists are using this machine to make a 3D map of the galaxy

These new medical ‘tattoos’ measure and transmit a person’s vital signs and muscle movements

Have you heard of ‘Li-fi’? It’s WiFi, but light-based, and 100 times faster

The ‘Hyperloop’ is set to allow people to travel at 620 miles per hour.

This knife can cut a drop of water in half

Unlike earlier ones, the latest robots are able to continue a programmed task, even if you interrupt them by pushing them over

It’s now possible to feature a heart monitor on a business card…

An armband can let you ‘feel’ virtual reality. It works by using sensors and electronic pulses.

The ‘Mojoe’ coffee mug brews coffee on the go

Lab-grown beef exists! It’s created from stem cells. However, it costs $18,000 per pound at this stage