This Pen Has A Built-In Hand Sanitizer Spray

With the outbreak of Covid-19, the need for hand sanitizer has drastically increased and it has become an essential in every home and public places. Needless to say, bringing this essential disinfectant is a must when you’re going out to reduce the risk of getting infected. The hand sanitizer pen was created to provide handy protection against viruses and germs. Most of the time, forgetful people tend to forget to slip a bottle of alcohol-based solution into their bag when they go out. Since a writing pen is always a part of our everyday essentials, integrating this essential disinfectant into it ensures that we’re bringing this protection with us all the time.

The pen, as the name implies, is a working writing pen and a sanitizer dispenser in one. It features a clear spritzer tip to hold your favorite anti-bacterial solution. Just fill the canister with any alcohol-based liquid solution and press the tip to dispense a mist of the solution. This handy disinfectant protects you and helps reduce the spread of germs if soap and water aren’t available. Ideal for everyday carry, you can now disinfect your hands and surfaces whenever necessary.


Hand Sanitizer Pen

hand sanitizer pen

Take note that the pen arrives empty. So you’ll need to fill the spritzer reservoir with your favorite liquid sanitizer. Don’t forget to refill when the solution runs low. And when the whole pandemic is over and sanitizers won’t be so necessary, you can just refill the canister with your favorite cologne and use it as a perfume spray. Or fill it with your favorite essential oil for aromatherapy on the go.

hand sanitizer pen write and spray

This fine tip ballpoint pen measures 5.7 inches tall and 0.6 inch wide. It comes with a metal clip that attaches to your shirt pocket and keeps the pen from rolling off the desk. A perfect gift for your loved ones and office-mates.

hand sanitizer pen spritzer canister

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