A Ghostbusters-Themed Cereal With Marshmallows Is Coming Soon

As the excitement for Ghostbusters: Afterlife mounts, our favorite brands are working hard too. The newest Ghostbusters film is slated for a November 2021 premiere. But our favorite food brands already have goodies inspired by the upcoming movie. Hostess went first, with the announcement of their Muncher Madness Twinkies. And now General Mills has also decided to join in on the fun with a Ghostbusters Cereal!

General Mills hasn’t really made any official announcements about the cereal yet. But Walmart’s surprise listing of the upcoming breakfast treat didn’t go unseen by the eagle-eyed snack sleuths of the internet. Walmart has since blacked out the unreleased cereal. But that hasn’t stopped serial cereal lovers from getting their hands on the proposed cover of the yet-to-be-released cereal.




General Mills will be stocking shelves with Ghostbusters Cereal soon

In the updated cover that @cereallife shared, we can see the cereal packaged in a black box. The box cover features the iconic logo hovering over a bowl of the spooky cereal. And in the bowl we can see bright orange crunchy pieces and green and white ghost-shaped marshmallows mixed in. I don’t know about you but I’d definitely want to dig my spoon into a bowlful of that first thing in the morning!



The Ghostbusters: Afterlife’s release date has seen several shifts due to the pandemic. Its June 2021 release date was recently moved further down to November 2021. The constant release date changes may or may not have a direct influence on General Mills’ decision to deliver the cereal.

But we do have a feeling that they’ll stock shelves with the fruity and colorful cereal before the movie comes out. So, if you ever see the Ghostbusters-inspired breakfast treat sitting on the shelves, take it as a sign that the movie’s just around the corner!