People Share The Most Random ‘I Woke Up To This’ Moments

Most of us have a routine when we wake up. We might throw our phones across the room hoping our alarms will silence. Or, we might get up straight away and have breakfast. Either way, waking up is something that we do often, and nothing really that interesting seems to immediately follow. However, on the odd occasion, something totally random and/or hilarious occurs! Here we have an amusing list of ‘I woke up to this’ moments.

When you think an annoying person is blaring out Aerosmith outside your window and it turns out to actually be Aerosmith…

This owl looks like it has been caught doing something bad!

In 6 years the person who took this photo had never seen a bear, then 2 came at once!

When you and your partner sleep naked and wake up to this… awkward.

This guy gave the cat pictured some bacon on his way home from a bar. It followed him 10 blocks home and he woke up to this!

We wonder if this cat fell asleep, watching the people below it sleep…

This is like something straight out of a Disney movie!

The person who took this photo passed out at a London bus stop…

This hippo decided to take a dip in a backpacker’s bar pool in Africa!

Waking up to your child modelling their monkey mask… terrifying.

One door leads to a good place and the other goes to a bad one!

Finding your roommate passed out in a box of packing peanuts at 2am… brilliant.

It’s just a baby… IT’S JUST A BABY!

This guy woke up every morning to find this wild bird squawking for food. One morning he serenaded her and the following week the bird had made a nest and laid eggs on his patio. He named her Greta!

This is rather spooky. Is the end of the world coming?

The guy in the hospital bed had a serious surgery one day before his best friend’s wedding. He woke up to the lovely couple visiting before they said ‘I do’. Lovely!