This Wax Warmer Looks Like A 3D Fireworks Display

Fill your home with relaxing scent and brighten up the mood with this electric wax melt warmer that also displays a 3D fireworks effect. More and more people are switching from scented candles to wax melts for a lot of good reasons. While both give off potent aromatherapy, wax melts have been proven to provide more benefits than scented candles. One of its advantages is its flame-free feature. Unlike candles, these chunks of scented wax don’t require flame, hence it eliminates the risk of catching something else on fire by accident. Furthermore, scented candles contain a flammable substance called paraffin which is derived from petroleum. When inhaled, smoke from burning paraffin may trigger asthma or respiratory problems for people with lung conditions.

Wax melts, on the other hand, don’t contain any flammable substances that may cause fire or health hazards. As a safer and healthier alternative, wax melts are also cheaper and contain more fragrance than candles. Not to forget that they also give off scent longer than their burnable counterparts. Of course, you’ll need to have a good wax melt warmer to reap all the benefits of this powerful aromatherapy. And we’ve found this great product that doesn’t only bring out the best in wax melts but also provides a breathtaking spectacle.


3D Glass Electric Wax Melt Warmer

electric wax melt warmer 3d fireworks display

This wax melt warmer is made of 3D glass that gives a stunning fireworks light display when turned on. It is equipped with a bulb that provides a stable source of heat. It also comes with a detachable glass lid to hold the scented wax. The internal bulb gently melts the scented wax held on top, releasing a soothing fragrance as it melts. Best enjoyed with the lights off, soothe your senses with the aromatic scent and entertain the entire family with the amazing 3D fireworks display.

flameless scented wax burner


electric wax melt warmer fireworks effect


flameless scented wax burner fireworks effect

This 3D glass wax melt warmer measures 5.9 inches tall, 4.7 inches wide and weighs 1.3 lbs. The jar-shaped warmer comes with a transparent glass dish, one bulb and a 35.5-inch power cord. One satisfied buyer wrote:

“This wax melt [warmer] is absolutely beautiful! I love that it looks like there are shooting stars coming out of it. The glass cup on top holds a square of oil nicely, and melts quickly. I definitely recommend!”

electric wax melt warmer 3d glass


flameless scented wax burner 3d glass

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electric wax melt warmer spectacular display

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