This Pocket Wine Aerator Is Perfect For The Wine Aficionado On The Go

Enjoy wine at its best with this pocket wine aerator that you can easily bring anywhere. Every wine enthusiast knows the essence of aerating wine. And you should too if you want to bring out the best in your favorite spirits. Aeration is a simple process of exposing the wine to the air and letting it ‘breathe’ before you drink it. But how does it enhance the aroma and flavor of the wine? When you open a bottle of wine, you often smell an off-putting odor coming from the ethanol in the liquid. Exposing the liquor to air helps disperse some of the initial odor, leaving the purest aroma of the vino.

Not only does aeration enhance the aroma of the wine but it also brings out its full flavor. It does so by softening tannins and straining any sediments in the liquid to smooth out the flavor. Hence, aeration is necessary to ensure that you’re getting the full flavor and aroma of the wine. Decanters and spout aerators are commonly used to do the job. But decanters can take hours to aerate the liquor and using spout aerators can get a bit messy. Not to mention, these aerating tools aren’t something you can easily carry anywhere. What if you need to enhance your wine at a bar or during a camping trip?


Pocket Wine Aerator

pocket wine aerator

The solution is simple: this pocket aerator is a portable tool that you can easily slip into your bag or pocket. With its compact design, you can have aeration on the go, wherever you are in the world. This battery-operated device has a plastic top that sits on the rim of the glass and a stainless steel rod that dips into the liquor. With just a push of a button, the portable device blows tiny bubbles of oxygen and rapidly infuses them into the wine. Choose one of its 3 modes: white, red and port.

pocket wine aerator presets


pocket wine aerator easy operation


portable aerating tool

Depending on the type of wine you’re aerating, the pocket version gets the job done in just 15-45 seconds. All without any spill or mess. Simply select your preset and press the start button to turn cheap wine into an exquisite-tasting one. When you’re done with it, just fold the rod down into the socket and place it back into your pocket or purse. This compact device measures 5.75 inches long and 1.5 inches wide with the stainless steel rod measuring 4.5 inches long. It comes with 2 AAA batteries included. A customer review reads:

“I did a test where I poured 2 glasses and just used the aerator on one. My boyfriend and I concurred. There was a noted difference in a glass poured that wasn’t aerated with the [device] and one that was. I now use it for every glass of wine I drink and enjoy it thoroughly. It’s small enough to travel with and to bring to restaurants.”

aeration on the go


compact aerating tool


pocket wine aerator portable

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