Artist Richard Berner Creates Their Drawings Using Thousands Of “Lost Souls”

Some works of art can be really mind-blowing, not just because they are beautiful, but because they hold within inconspicuous details that can only be noticed if you take a closer look. Artists often include tiny details in their works as a way to convey a secret message or to challenge the viewers. Just like the drawings of Richard Berner, Brighton-based illustrator and painter, featuring an impressive array of cultural iconography. At first glance, his illustrations seem like simple depictions of popular subjects including famous landmarks, legendary celebrities, well-known artworks, flowers, animals, and even Star Wars characters.

Berner is known for his playful drawings that entice the viewers to take a closer look. And if you look closely, you’ll discover that the large image is made up tiny details that look like lost souls by the thousands. The tiny ghost-like figures, which the artist refer to as ‘champs’, are drawn with minimal yet vivid lines that collectively create a mesmerizing pattern. A spooky yet a fun piece of statement, the anguish-stricken souls create a darker layer to the image that isn’t immediately seen at first glance.


Artist Creates Intricate Drawings Made Up Of Tiny Lost Souls

With his series of drawings bursting with eccentricity and imagination, Berner starts by inviting the viewer’s eyes into the image at a larger scale. Then he compels the viewer to give the subject a closer inspection to discover a much more impressive illustrations at a smaller scale. If you love his illustrations then you might want to own them by purchasing some of his original artworks and signed prints via the artist’s website. You can also follow him on Instagram to get updates on his latest ‘champs’ creations.


Berner Refers To These Lost Souls As ‘Champs”




















Source: Instagram