13 Grinch Face Masks That Don’t Mess Around With Words

Unlike Waldo who loves drowning himself in a sea of people, the Grinch is a complete and utter anti-social creature. Honestly, there’s no doubt that he would be the master of social distancing if only he existed in real life. So, it doesn’t come as a surprise that people are creating Grinch face masks and selling them online. After all, no character can teach us about keeping a distance from other people better than this grumpy, green, furry fella.

For starters, he lives at the top of the frosty Mount Crumpit with no one accompanying him but his dog Max. So, he probably wouldn’t even mind being in quarantine for months, years or even the rest of his life! Moreover, as a known killjoy, ditching social gatherings and even avoiding people would definitely be the least of his concerns.


However, if it’s simply inevitable to be around people, then our green-furred friend would wear a face mask for sure. But of course, expect that he would be his usual grouchy self. In fact, we can already imagine him reprimanding people who are wearing masks the wrong way or not wearing any at all. Not to mention, people who are not mindful of their distance from others.


People are selling Grinch face masks online with brutally honest remarks and reminders relevant to our current situation


So, we’ve compiled some of the most hilariously blatant Grinch-themed masks that certainly get the message across. Now, you can wear your thoughts and express your inner grump with these statement masks. From the Grinch’s iconic grimace to brutally honest expressions of disdain towards people, our grouchy friend has definitely become more relatable than ever.


Well, who would’ve thought that there would come a time where we would all adapt to his way of life? And since the holiday season is just around the corner, now’s the perfect time to get one of these funny masks! So, keep scrolling down to find the one that best channels your inner grump!






If you’re not the grumpy type, then these cheery, holiday-themed ones are perfect for you


Source: Etsy