Excuses People Used To Escape A Bad Date

People go on dates to search for their one true love. But searching for your soulmate doesn’t usually happen right off the bat. It often takes several dates before you can find your perfect partner. So, what will you do if you find yourself trapped in an undesirable date with someone you’d never want to spend a minute with? There are some people who have been there and managed to get out from the bad experience. And, they are willing to share their clever excuses that allowed them to escape a bad date. Take a look!

When you know a date isn’t going well, you just want it to end. Here are some excuses people used to escape a bad date…

There’s probably a phobia for everything.

This will certainly leave a lasting impression.

Dentist to the rescue!

Moms are the best partners-in-crime.

This is a terrible thing to lie about.

Beware of creepy guys.

One never runs out of clever excuses.

The time when alcohol comes in handy.

Friends make good accomplices.

Lactose intolerance saves the day.

That’s a little too much information.

You’re barking up the wrong tree.

The date has to be that bad to use your grandma as an excuse.

I’m sorry I can’t go out with you because I died.

I hope it’s worth the trouble.

And the clever excuses continue to pile up…

This is how to jazz up a boring date.

Good thing that grandma has a dozen lives.

As long as it works.

Too polite to be honest.