These 13 Apple iOS 9 Upgrades Will Make You Happy


When you have an iPhone, there are invariably going to be updates, each one bringing a variety of upgrades to your phone. Although some of them are awesome, it's actually kind of daunting, because you never know what's been upgraded and what new functions your phone has. More often than not, you end up ignoring them and not utilizing these cool new things you can do with your phone. That's why we've found information for you about the iOS 9 upgrades, so you don't have to do the hard graft of figuring them out. Let's take a look!


Received a hilarious voicemail? You can now share it with whoever you like.


Siri can now find photos for you!


You can save a copy of any webpage as a PDF to iBooks so that you can read it later, even if you don't have internet connection.


The video recording function just got better, including the ability to zoom in while recording.


Your music player can now predict what you might like to listen to based on what you generally play at different times.



Use the 'Markup and Reply' function to draw and write on email attachments then send them back. This is especially useful if you need to sign a document and send it back.


There's now a low power mode for when you're running out of juice or you know you won't be able to charge your phone for a while.


Lock rotation isn't just for iPads anymore!


You can choose to hide certain photos from your gallery. No judgment!


You can now find out what's draining the most power from your phone.


You can do quick conversions in your browser. What's more, this works even without internet connection.


You can choose to have your mobile data automatically assist your WiFi, just in case you've got a slow or patchy connection.


Apple Pay is now easier to access. Just double click "home."

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