These Full-Face Sunglasses Protect Your Whole Face From The Sun

Protect yourself from infectious particles and UV radiation with these full-face sunglasses. Self-isolation, social distancing, mandatory wearing of face masks and face shields – these are only a few of the woes brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic. While some people experience discomfort in wearing protective masks, the alternative protection – the face shield – also has its own drawbacks. Mostly made of thin plastic, these lightweight shields can effectively protect the wearer from droplets generated by breathing, coughing, and sneezing. However, the clear plastic cannot protect the face from the harmful UV rays.

These full-face sunglasses act as a protective face shield and as a protective eye wear in one. As a face shield, it entirely covers the wearer’s face to block any bacteria or respiratory droplets. It features a giant curved visor to prevent contaminants from entering or exiting the visor sideways. But instead of a clear, thin plastic, the visor is made of high-quality UV-resistant polycarbonate panels and UV400 lenses. Furthermore, the polarized lens not only has a light-filtering property but it also reduces glare and eyestrain.


Full-Face Sunglasses

full face sunglasses unisex

There’s no need to wear sunglasses under your face shield anymore. You only need this one protective eyewear to upgrade your level of protection. This full face visor is lightweight and comes in a sturdy plastic frame for comfortable wear. While it provides full protection for the eyes, nose, and mouth, the shape of the visor is designed to allow the wearer to breathe smoothly. Additionally, the anti-fog lens provides maximum visibility and excellent visual experience. And did we mention that its tinted mirror coating looks really cool and stylish?

oversized uv-resistant polarized visor eyewear


oversized uv-resistant polarized visor


huge uv-resistant visor


oversized uv-resistant polarized tinted visor

These huge full face sunglasses are available in 3 unique color designs. If you want to wear eyeglasses under the visor, simply remove the detachable nose pad and put it on. One satisfied buyer wrote:

“I love this thing! It is as mirrored as you would hope it would be. The face shield does not fog up unless I deliberately breathe hard and then it clears up immediately. It fits over my regular prescription glasses.”

full face sunglasses polarized


full face sunglasses shield


full face sunglasses polarized shield

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