Parents Are Sharing Funny Photos Of Being Stuck In Quarantine With Their Kids

Amidst this scary time, people still try to look at the positive side of life. Although we’re currently shrouded by invisible yet destructive microscopic enemies, we’re still trying hard to find the beauty in everything. There have been some wonderful stories showing life under quarantine being shared on the internet. During these stressful times, all we need is something than can uplift our spirits.

Since lockdown has been implemented, schools have been closed and workers are required to work from home. Just recently, people have been sharing photos of what it’s like to work from home with their pets. Cute, furry animals trying to steal their human’s attention from their work are guaranteed to make you laugh. But have you ever wondered what quarantine is like with kids?


Parents in quarantine share hilarious photos of their lives being stuck with their kids

The struggle is real for parents, there’s no doubt about that. But as they grow up and start going to school, parents finally can have the time for other things such as work. Now here’s the problem with the quarantine situation. Schools are closed and parents need to work from home. And this could only mean one thing. Working parents have to deal with their kids while finding ways to balance work and parenting. Now, that sounds like a tough challenge.

Imagine having to meet some deadlines and your kids would stop at nothing from bothering you. Of course, allowing them to watch TV nonstop or giving them unlimited access to gadgets would certainly keep them occupied. But that’s actually not the healthiest way to let them spend the entire quarantine period. So, this is where clever parenting tricks come into place. Some parents would give their kids art supplies to develop their creativity while they’re also having fun. Or you can download educational and instructional videos so they can watch and learn at the same time.

Having to deal with unruly kids and focusing on your work doesn’t have to be stressful. Think of this, you’re not the only one in this dire situation right now. There are millions of you who are currently trying to figure out what to do with their kids in quarantine. Let these hilarious photos of parents and kids stuck at home together make you feel a lot better about yourself. And feel free to share your woeful wonderful parenting stories lockdown edition too.


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“My Kiddo Cut His Hair Yesterday, Then Agreed To Let Me Have A Little Fun With It Before We Fixed It”


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“Isolation’s Going Well”


Working From Home


“Using My Tears To Clean The Crusted Green Paint Speckled All Over Our House.”


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“Tired Of Your Kids Barging In While You Try To Get Some Work Done At Home? Underwear On The Doorknob Works Wonders.”


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Work-From Home Struggle


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