You Can Now Get The Leonardo DiCaprio Meme As A Face Mask

If there’s anything that didn’t change this year, it is that memes are still popular. Despite the dismal year that 2020 has been, we at least have plenty of funny memes that make us smile. Now, you can celebrate one of the greatest memes of the year by wearing this Leonardo DiCaprio Meme Face Mask. Since the wearing of face masks is now a must, we might as well make the situation more light-hearted with this hilarious mask.

If we are going to pick the best meme of 2020, it’s definitely the scene from Django Unchained where Calvin Candie, played by Leonardo DiCaprio, is shown laughing and drinking with a smug smile on his face. The coffin dance meme is a worthy contender. But we’re going to give it to Leo because his facial expression in that scene is just priceless. Well, guess what? You can now wear this legendary smug face as a mask.


Leonardo DiCaprio Meme Face Mask

leonardo dicaprio meme face mask

The Leonardo DiCaprio Face Mask features a digitally reconstructed image of the original image to make Leo’s face appear straight instead of slightly to one side. This will make the image match with your nose and mouth when you wear it. Although this is not a medical grade mask, it is made of antimicrobial micropoly fabric that prevents the growth of bacteria on the surface. It is adjustable and contoured with elastic construction for a comfortable fit. One satisfied buyer wrote:

“Worth every single penny! I cannot wait to wear this everywhere I go. The material is soft and breathable, very high quality! I love it!”

leonardo dicaprio meme face mask django unchained


calvin candie django scene mask


calvin candie django scene contoured mask

Get yours here.

girl wearing leonardo dicaprio meme face mask

Source: Etsy