There’s A ‘Where’s Waldo’ Coronavirus Edition And Let’s Just Say It’s A little Easier To Spot Him

For the first time in over 30 years, it’s now easy to spot Waldo, aka Wally in other parts of the world. Yup, the boy in his iconic red-and-white striped shirt, with a bobble hat and a pair of glasses. Ironically, we have the social distancing measures brought about by the ongoing pandemic to thank for that. Apparently, one artist has taken this opportunity to create a ‘Where’s Waldo’ Coronavirus Edition to spread some good vibes online.

In his Instagram page, Argentinian artist Pedro Mezzini shared his timely rendition of the beloved children’s puzzle book, originally by Martin Handford. His version features Waldo in three different locations. These include an open field, a beach, and a well-developed town.


Artist Pedro Mezzini has created a ‘Where’s Waldo’ Coronavirus Edition to help spread some cheer amidst the crisis


On a normal basis, people would tend to flock to these places the most. However, with the coronavirus’ rapid spread at hand, affected countries have decided to impose strict social distancing measures. In his work, Mezzini accurately depicts the current situation that most countries are experiencing these days.

One image shows Waldo standing in an open field, with just trees and a vast grassland around him.


In another double-page spread, the character finds himself in the middle of an empty beach. The image also features a handful of abandoned umbrellas, towels, and trash. All of which signified that people used to flock the area.


Lastly, in the third image, Waldo takes a stroll through a rather deserted town. The illustration also shows the town’s residents inside their respective houses, abiding by the social distancing measures.


'Where's Waldo' Coronavirus Edition Town
Pedro Mezzini

In addition, in an attempt to contain the coronavirus spread, several affected countries have placed themselves on extreme lockdowns. In line with the imposition of social distancing measures, governments have also prohibited mass gatherings and discouraged inessential travels. Several companies have also instructed their employees to work from home.


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Source: Pedro Mezzini Website | Instagram