This Family In Face Masks Christmas Tree Decoration Might Be The Most Fitting For 2020

We’re certainly celebrating a rather peculiar holiday season as the threat of the virus still looms over us all. But despite everything, we should still find it in ourselves to be jolly. Even without big parties with friends, extended family and neighbours. But some crafty folk have figured out a way to both commemorate the tumultuous year and our loved ones. This year, why not make your tree unique and relevant by hanging a Family in Face Masks Christmas tree decoration?

There’s no denying that 2020 has been a rather wild roller coaster ride. Most, if not all of us will remember it for a number of things like: “The Year We Stayed Home”, “The Year We Demanded To End Police Brutality And Racial Injustice”, “The Year We Lost (an iconic personality)” etc. But perhaps the most comical memory we will all have of this year is that it’s the year where we experienced “The Great Toilet Paper Shortage” during the onset of the pandemic. And after months of staying home and adapting into the new normal, it totally makes sense for us all to want to put up a Christmas tree decoration that reflects the year!

face mask couple placed on tree
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brown skin family version option for the face mask christmas tree decoration
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5-member family in face mask Christmas tree decoration with 'the year we stayed home' etched on banner
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Commemorate this year by incorporating a Family In Face Masks Christmas tree decoration in your holiday décor

This clever and timely Christmas ornament features glittery numbers, a caricature of the COVID-19 virus, a roll of tissue, a family wearing face masks and a pump bottle of hand sanitizer. In other words, this Christmas tree decoration perfectly encapsulates our 2020 experience. We’ve spent a good chunk of the year donning face masks and always making sure we had hand sanitizer in our personal arsenal whenever we’d venture outdoors. Face masks and hand sanitizers have become incredibly necessary for making living in the new normal possible. So why not honor them by adding them to the seasonal décor?

simulation of the tree ornament
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This quirky Christmas tree decoration is customizable

Since this décor piece represents your family, you can have your ornament customized. For starters, the number of festive heads donning face masks and Santa hats can be adjusted according to how many members your family has. You can also get everyone’s names written on each Santa hat to make it extra special. Aside from the names, you can also choose to have a message written over the tissue paper like “Merry Christmas” “Happy Holidays” “We survived COVID” or anything, really!

4-member family in face masks Christmas tree decoration
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There are currently several Etsy stores like ChristmasKeepsake, InspirebySherri and ajproductsUS offering this quirky Family in Face Masks Christmas tree decoration. However, some Etsy stores do charge for the customization. So you might want to check it out on Amazon, as it offers free customization! No matter where you choose to get your ‘Rona-themed Christmas tree decoration, one thing is for sure though. It’ll make a great reminder of this years’ events for years to come! What quirky message are you planning on writing on the banner?


Those celebrating the holiday season solo can get this personalized ornament

one-person wearing face mask and santa hat with blank toilet paper banner
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Big families can also get this cool tree decoration

6-member family
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7-member family in face mask tree decor
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You can even add your beloved pets to the ornament

4-member family and pets
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Etsy shop Christmas Keepsake offers pet add-ons for their personalized 2020 tree decoration. Get it here or another on Amazon.

Sure, glittery Christmas tree decorations are aplenty both in-stores and online. But can you think of a better way to truly make you Christmas tree your own other than adorning it with specially made ornaments that represent you and your loved ones? This is definitely a must-have for the season!