These Microwavable Slippers Will Keep Your Feet Nice And Warm This Winter

Are you all geared up for the frigid season? If you still haven’t got this pair of microwavable slippers then you’re obviously not ready for the winter. Ice-cold feet are now a thing of the past thanks to these genius slippers that you can heat up in the microwave. These microwavable slippers can provide soothing warmth and comfort to your feet for ultimate relaxation. No more soaking your feet in hot water during chilly winter nights. As long as you have these heated slippers, along with thick blankets, winter sweaters, and a cup of hot chocolate, you’ll never have to feel the cold ever again.

warmies microwavable slippers customer photos

Appropriately named Warmies, these microwavable slippers are made of the highest quality super soft fabrics for optimum comfort. Each slipper is filled with specially treated millet grains and dried lavender flower, making it safe to be reheated. Furthermore, the aromatic scent of lavender will calm your senses as you keep your feet warm. It can fit adult sizes 5 to 10 and comes in 5 different colors and patterns – brown, cream, grey, snowy, and tawny.

Brown Warmies

intelex warmies microwavable slippers brown


warmies microwavable slippers brown

Cream Warmies

intelex warmies microwavable slippers cream


warmies microwavable slippers cream

Grey Warmies

warmies microwavable slippers grey

Snowy Warmies

warmies microwavable slippers snowy

Tawny Warmies

warmies microwavable slippers tawny


warmies microwavable slippers tawny sole

Make sure to clean the slippers before you place them in the microwave. Just wipe the surface with a damp sponge and allow it to dry. For 600 – 800 W microwaves, allow the slippers to warm for 2 minutes. For 850 – 1000 W microwaves, the maximum heating time should be 90 seconds. You can also use these heated slippers as a hot therapy remedy for tired and aching feet. Get these microwavable slippers here and choose your preferred color. One satisfied customer wrote:

“Amazing! I struggle chronically with cold feet to the point where it is almost painful – very uncomfortable. I can safely wear these in bed after heating them up for 90 seconds – and they are perfect to keep me comfortable for over an hour, and at that point, my feet are comfortable and not painfully cold where I can relax the rest of the night.”

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