You Can Now Get Heated Dumpling Slippers To Keep Your Feet Toasty Through Winter

Cold weather is upon us once again so you better keep yourself all warmed up all the time. This coming winter season, say goodbye to cold feet and go all cozy with these heated dumpling slippers. Heated slippers are actually not new to us. We’ve previously came across a pair of microwaveable slippers that you can throw into the microwave to heat up. Then wear them on your feet as a heated footwear. Obviously, not everyone agrees with the idea of contaminating their food by placing a pair of slippers inside their microwaves. If you’re of the same opinion, we’ve got a better alternative for you.

smoko heated dumpling slippers cute design

These heated dumpling slippers is USB-powered. Just plug them into a USB port to heat them. You only need to wait for a few minutes to warm them up. They’ll be perfectly warm before you can finish a bowl of real dumplings. Or you can just pop your feet in while they’re plugged in if you aren’t going anywhere.

It has a heating pad inside which is connected to the USB port to keep the slipper warm as long as it’s plugged in. Each slipper is made from soft fleece that absorbs and retains heat longer so you can keep your feet warm for hours until it’s time to plug them in again.

urban outfitters heated dumpling slippers


smoko heated dumpling slippers usb powered


smoko heated dumpling slippers top

If you’re looking for a practical yet trendy pair of heated footwear then these heated dumpling slippers are perfect for you. Designed to resemble a pair of giant dumplings, it also features a smiling face of a cuddly dumpling that won’t only warm up your feet but also warms up your heart.

Whether you’re a fan of this filled dough dish or not, no one can possibly defy those friendly semblance with their charming smiles. Protect your feet from the cold in the cutest way possible with these heated dumpling slippers. Get them here and here and pamper your feet and heart with their warm smiles.

These super soft heated slippers are USB-powered, just plug them into a USB port to heat

smoko heated dumpling slippers trendy


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smoko heated dumpling slippers cute smile


smoko heated dumpling slippers

Source: Smoko | Urban Outfitters