Awesome Tiny Sculptures Made From Recycled Watches

Nothing is dispensable in this world, whether it’s a living thing or not. But we’ve got to face the fact that nothing also lasts forever. Everything will age in time and eventually wear out. Ironically, even the indicators of time also concede to the test of time. Yes, even clocks and watches get old just like everything else. Nonetheless, people still find ways to restore or recycle old, worn-out objects including clocks and watches. Just like Sue Beatrice, an artist from New Jersey, who found a way to give new life to old watches. She upcycles vintage pocket watches, gears, sprockets, and any discarded items that can still serve a purpose. Then she assembles these parts to create spectacular tiny sculptures made entirely of recycled watches.

spectacular tiny sculptures made of recycled watches

Beatrice’s entire collection of spectacular tiny sculptures is posted on her Facebook page All Natural Arts. Her inspirations for her works are mostly animals including bird, lion, horse, rabbit, and more. She also finds fascination for mythical creatures such as tiny fairies. And her love for music also inspired her to create tiny sculptures of musical instruments.

recycled watches fairy sculpture


sue beatrice tiny sculpture recycled watches


recycled vitnage pocket watch fairy


recycled watch musical instruments sculpture


sue beatrice recycled watches sculpture

The artist came up with the idea of using old watches’ parts to apply her creative skills and save the environment as well. Furthermore, she was able to reveal the beauty that lies within worn-out items. In order to bring out this hidden beauty, people need to find ways to reuse these items instead of disposing them. This way, we can create amazing works of art while we help reduce the amount of waste on our planet.

vintage pocket watch spectacular tiny sculptures


spectacular tiny sculptures horse


all natural arts spectacular tiny sculptures


recycled watches sculpture sue beatrice


sue beatrice recycled watch dog

Source: All Natural Arts