You Can Now Get Toblerone Lava Cakes Covered In Melted Swiss Chocolate

Apart from its majestic mountain views, we all know that there’s another thing that Switzerland is famous for—decadent chocolates. Wherever you are in the world, we can all agree that Swiss brand Toblerone is such a blessing to mankind. And how do you make a great chocolate taste even better? The answer’s pretty simple. You turn it into another type of treat or at least use it to top off another dessert. Well, it seems like the Swiss brand has got this all figured out because Toblerone Lava Cakes now exist. Because chocolate on cake is always a good idea. Always.

Toblerone Lava Cakes Packaging

Instagrammer @aimras25 was the first to spot the new treat in the block. She then passed on the good news to the online community’s resident junk food news correspondent @candyhunting. As per the post, @aimras25 found these treasures at the frozen food section of the New England-based supermarket, Shaw’s. Each pack contains “two soft-centered lava cakes topped with melted Toblerone.” Reading the product description alone already makes us drool!



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The packaging advises keeping this goodie frozen. Hence, it’s just safe to assume that you have heat it first before you can enjoy its gooey chocolatey goodness. Would it be too much of a hassle? Of course not! In fact, it makes the perfect treat to keep you warm this winter season.

Unfortunately, there are only a few sightings of these decadent desserts to date. Nonetheless, be sure to drop by your local supermarkets from time to time to hunt for these goodies. In the meantime, you can also check out Toblerone’s other cake offerings. Yes, the lava cakes are not Toblerone’s first attempt at baked goods.

So, yeah, there’s the Toblerone Chocolate Cake care of Swedish bakery Almondy. And recently, the Swiss brand has also released the Toblerone Cheesecake. Since they’re all from the same brand, we bet that they’re all equally good.



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