Creative Ways To Transform Tin Cans Into Lovely Things For Your Home

Tin cans are something that most of us have plenty of in our homes. Of course, usually they have food in them first, but we’re here to present you with some creative ways to transform tin cans that might persuade you to hold on to them once used! We never would have thought something so simple could be so versatile. There are some brilliant ideas here that are perfect for those who like to get stuck in on a good project. There is something to suit all skill levels, so, take a look and see what takes your fancy! 

Bird Feeders

Make your garden a more inviting place for birds by creating some adorable feeders! All you need is some ribbon, some paint and of course, tins and feed! 

Bottle Stand

Bottle stands can be impractical and expensive. Why not fashion your own to the size and style you want? This structure also works for sauces, spices and even shoes depending on the size of your cans.

Candle Holders

Add some atmosphere to your outdoor space with these candle holders! They are so easy to make and look great! 


If you’re a fan of unique house decor, making this chandelier could be your next project! 

Flower Pots

Ceramic planters can be expensive, but you shouldn’t let that stop you from growing things! Tin cans work brilliantly too, and they are cheap and easy to access! 

Utensil Holder

Decorating some tins and securing them to a board makes for great storage space! 

Pin Cushion

You would never have guessed the pin cushion holder in the image below was just a basic tin can to begin with! 

Scarves And Shawls Organizer

It can be easy to let your coats, bags and accessories to get into disarray. Why not tidy things up a bit with a tin can organizer? 

Stationary Tins

We love the way these tins have been decorated! This set would look lovely on any desk. 

Towel Holders

With some larger sized tins and a little bit of a makeover, you could create some lovely looking towel holders! 

Wall Decor

This project requires more time and skill than the others, however, the results are totally worth it! Stencil onto your cans and cut the drawings out. Be careful of sharp edges! 

Yarn Organizer

Getting your materials mixed up in a mess is just the worst! Why not add some organisation to your life with the set up below?