30 Cats And Dogs Who Look Like The Pope With Their Slipper Hats

Most, if not all, pet owners consider their cats and dogs as their ultimate source of joy. And this has been true now more than ever during these difficult times. Aside from keeping us company while we work from home, they’re also great at entertaining us with their funny antics. But they can also be mischievous at times and do things that they aren’t supposed to. There are also times when we do things to make fun of them… in a good way, of course.

Previously, fur parents shamed their fur babies online for their hilarious crimes. This time, they’re sharing photos of their dogs or cats wearing slipper hats. And for some funny reason, wearing this footwear on their heads has made them look just like the Pope. The similarity is truly uncanny, and the online community just can’t get enough of these adorable photos.


Let’s Take A Look At Some Funny Cats And Dogs


“Still waiting for the ratification from the ‘Pawpe’ though.”

pet cat with a slipper on head


It’s a Cat Pope!

pet with a yellow croc on head


This dog seems happy with its hat!

pet dog with a white croc on head


“I’ve spotted a rare sighting here in WV, it’s the vicious Crog. If spotted, please contact animal control. Please be careful.”

dachshund with a white croc on head


“This is my cat Poppy. Pope-y? Marching band cat? Queen? All of the above? What do you think?”

pet with a pink beaded croc on head


With Crocs on their heads, your pets look just like the Pope

brown dog wearing a white croc as hat


This cute dog is definitely rocking its teal croc hat with cactus and taxi Jibbitz charms

pet dog with a teal croc hat


Just how cute is this picture-ready pup?

pet dog with a yellow croc hat


Meanwhile, this dog doesn’t seem very happy with the hat!

pet dog with a blue croc hat


A white croc hat for a white fluffy cat sounds like a good idea

pet with a white croc hat
Criando Ideias


This dog looks so surprised!

pet dog with a brown croc hat


“Dog with a croc on its head”

pet dog wearing a blue croc hat


This cat is looking fierce with its pink headpiece

pet cat wearing a pink croc hat


“Not again, human.”

pet wearing a pink croc hat


So this hat matches the pet bed

pet cat wearing a grey croc hat


This is what happens when your owner likes Disney

dog wearing a pink croc hat
cutesy pooh


While, this adorable dog is very happy with a black hat!

dog wearing a black croc hat
cutesy pooh


Here we have a dog that looks like it doesn’t want to wear the hat

pet dog wearing a navy blue croc hat


Do you like my new hat?

pet cat wearing a blue croc hat


We’ve got a well-behaved pup here!

dog with a pink croc on head
taylor burris


Do you have a problem with my pink hat?

cat wearing a pink croc hat


“Low budget Papa Emeritus”

cat wearing a white croc hat


This dog looks just like a fluffy stuffed toy

dog wearing a white croc hat while being carried by a girl


And this pet certainly looks pretty in its pink slipper hat!

dog wearing a red croc hat


Here is a hat that is a little bright

dog wearing an orange croc hat


“Hopping in on this”

pet with a black croc on head


“This cutie matches her cupcake bed now.”

dog with a pink croc hat


“My dog gave it a try.”

dog with a white croc hat


“Can I get a vibe check?”

Puppy with a white croc on head


This dog is ready to rule the world!

pet with a blue croc hat