There’s An Online Community That Shares Hilarious Dog Photos With Their Teeth Visible In A Funny Way

What do you think is a dog’s greatest feature? Is it their soft fur or their fluffy tail? This may surprise you but a lot of people are actually fascinated by dog teeth. As a matter of fact, a subreddit is created to invite dog owners to show off their pet’s adorable smiles. We love our dogs but we can’t deny the fact that when they smile, they really make silly faces. Indeed, there’s something about dogs with their teeth sticking out that is so hilarious.

The subreddit Toofers is an online community dedicated to show silliest photos of dogs with their teeth sticking out. In other words, this thread exclusively highlights dog teeth, also called canine or fangs, which the members find the most attractive feature of dogs. Whether they’re giving a sweet smile or a silly snarl, dogs can really make us laugh with their fangs visible. The Toofers community currently has more than 72,000 followers and anyone with adorable dogs are free to join.

funny dog teeth meerkat lookalike

We’ve picked out some of the funniest photos from the thread to show you how silly dogs look like with their teeth sticking out. And we also need to give credit to the owners because it’s really not easy to bring out a dog’s sweetest smile. But they manage to do so. Moreover, those who took these photos deserve applause for capturing these perfect shots.

funny dog teeth table bite


funny dog teeth sweet smile


funny dog teeth nose squished

When it comes to keeping their dogs healthy, many owners often disregard the importance of oral hygiene in dogs. While it’s true that dogs are wolf descendants and wolves never needed dentists, let us point out that there’s a huge difference between their lifestyles. Wolves maintain their healthy teeth by eating their prey, tearing their prey apart and finishing them off to the bones. Fresh, raw meat and calcium-rich bones serve as their natural toothbrush that keeps their teeth strong and healthy.

funny dog teeth cute smile


silly canine photos fake smile


silly canine photos snarl

On the other hand, domesticated dogs do not have the privilege to hunt down and tear down their prey. Instead, they are provided with commercial dog foods that may contribute to plaque and tartar buildup on their teeth. Additionally, commercial dog foods may contain artificial flavorings, refined sugars and preservatives that may cause cavities and gum disease to dog teeth. Hence, it is crucial to give your dog a regular dental checkup to prevent these dental issues.

silly canine photos cute fang


silly canine photos tiny bite


silly canine photos funny smile

Dental care for dogs should start at your veterinarian’s office. Dog teeth should be examined by a vet at least once a year. Regular brushing also helps prevent cavities, plaque and gum diseases in dogs. However, make sure to use dog-specific toothbrush and toothpaste, not the ones you’re using. Brushing your dog’s teeth at least two times a week should be enough keep their pearly whites healthy. Also, giving them chew toys can help strengthen their teeth and gum. And while you’re at it, choose chew toys with antibacterial property to fight harmful bacteria growing in its mouth.

funny dog teeth rabbit tooth


funny dog teeth evil smile


funny dog teeth sleeping


funny dog teeth mouth against the glass


funny dog teeth titanium fangs


silly canine photos tiny tooth


silly canine photos dubious smile


silly canine photos tongue out


silly canine photos innocent smile


silly canine photos hesitant smile


funny dog teeth rope wig


funny dog teeth head upside down


funny dog teeth surprised look


funny dog teeth puppy smile


funny dog teeth deep sleep


silly canine photos pearly white smile


silly canine photos long tongue


silly canine photos happy smile


funny dog teeth bear face


silly canine photos pink nose