Reasons That Men Stay In Unhappy Marriages

There are many people that feel trapped in their relationships. Often when you are married, parting ways is a very complicated process that some people can’t bring themselves to go through. Sadly, sometimes circumstances leave people feeling like there simply isn’t a way out. Here we have a list of reasons that men stay in unhappy marriages. Take a look and see what you would do in these situations…
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Sometimes alimony is fair, other times it cripples people. 

Whilst this is admirable, situations like this often aren’t sustainable. 

Personally we don’t think religion should be what stops you from making a life choice such as this. 

Reasons Men Stay In Unhappy Marriages catholic

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This does sound like a tricky one…

If you aren’t willing to take the harder route to happiness then you can’t really complain. 

Sad endings like this are why so many people want prenups. 

Sometimes you have to put yourself first. We only get one life. 

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If they love you the same way that you love them, a break up won’t end your relationship. 

Your little boy’s happiness isn’t dependent on you being with his mother. You can still be a fantastic dad and have a great relationship. Once your son has grown and understands the world, he would not want to be the reason that you stayed unhappy for so long. 

The thought of split custody can be too much to bear. 

She doesn’t deserve your kindness. You need a fresh start. 

Hindsight can be such a killer… 

Feeling trapped is such an awful way to live. 

This is probably one of the most common irrational fears around!