BarkBox 2 In 1 Plush Toys Are Perfect For Dogs That Destroy Soft Toys

It’s amazing how our darling dogs can quickly reduce an adorable plush toy to a pile of fluff. This destructive tendency, depending on what’s on the receiving end, usually adds to their lovable charm. However, as our pooches develop attachments to their toys, it can be pretty sad when the time to retire their favorite toy comes. Fortunately, the BarkBox 2 in 1 plush toys can help your buddy’s favorite chew toy last longer than usual. It’s both an economically and environmentally-sound option for keeping man’s best friend entertained!

dog looks excitedly at the pineapple BarkBox plush toy


Dog plays with Monsieur Acorn plush toy

No dog can resist the urge to rip things apart in our homes. From throw pillows, house slippers, shoes, rolls of tissue, to plush toys – nothing is safe from their sharp teeth and vice-like grip. Even Mr. Cuddles isn’t safe! Traditionally, you’d only find tufts of fluff stuffed beneath the exterior of a plush toy.

However, the forward-thinking geniuses behind BarkBox figured out a way to extend the happiness that these toys bring our furry little bundles of joy, by creating a 2 in 1 plush toy.

Standard BarkBox 2 in 1 plush toys packages


What’s BarkBox?

BarkBox 2 in 1 plush pineapple toy


“Not to skewer the girl, but Penny is not all that she seems. When your dog tears through her happy exterior, a sadder Penny is revealed. Crazy crinkle leaves only add to the drama.”

dog sniffs the BarkBox pineapple plush dog toy

From what you’ve read so far, you’ve probably figured out two things. First, BarkBox is a company dedicated to creating stuff for dogs. And second, they have great plush toys you know your dog will love. Both things are correct. That’s basically what BarkBox is all about.

The e-commerce company creates products “made by dog people, for dogs (and their people).” Pet owners can subscribe to them, and they’ll send you a box full of dog treats and toys every month! They currently have over 600,000 subscribers to the service, and we’re pretty sure those numbers will keep rising.


BarkBox 2 in 1 plush toys have a great surprise for your playful pooch

Consuela the Cactus BarkBox 2 in 1 plush toy


“Consuela’s smiling face–just like a cactus’s ability to retain water– only lasts so long. Wrapped in two layers of fabric, your pup can rip off the smiley face to reveal the same cactus, but with a frowning face. Guess what? Drought is sad. One of Bark’s all-time best-selling toys, your pup will love it!”

The seed emerges from the BarkBox Cactus plush toy


Consuela the Cactus BarkBox 2 in 1 plush toys

Compared to the usual soft toy you’d get for you pup, BarkBox’s products have a little something up their sleeve. Well, in this case, inside their toy. Because with them, you won’t be getting just one, but two plush toys! Every month, their cute offerings shift according to their new theme.

Each toy has a matching squeaky, blue, spiky, ball as the core that’ll definitely pique your pet’s interest. They’ll go crazy over their BarkBox 2 in 1 plush toys! These are probably the cutest toys destined for destruction that we’ve ever seen!


BarkBoxes makes the plush 2 in 1 toys in different sizes to accommodate dogs of all sizes

Monsieur Acorn BarkBox 2 in 1 plush toys


“This garçon is densely packed with fluff and hides a squeaky, spiky, ball “nut” inside. This squeaky acorn is one of Bark’s best-selling toys of all time, your pup will not be disappointed.”

Monsieur Acorn and Seed BarkBox 2 in 1 plush toys


Every BarkBox 2 in 1 plush toy has a squeaky, spiked, ball inside

cracked acorn nut shows the spiked blue ball core


spiked blue ball core of BarkBox plush toys

The dimensions of each squeaky, spiked, ball is unique to the toy’s measurements. Its sound will definitely have your pooch gnawing in curiosity for hours on end! All the materials used in BarkBox’s plush toys are safe and non-toxic, which includes the rubber ball core. So, to sum it up in a nutshell, you’re basically getting three different toys in one awesomely adorable package. That’s a wonderful deal!

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There are two BarkBoxes for owners to choose from

vincent van gogh barkbox package


BarkBox 2 in 1 plush toys super chewer box

You’re probably itching with curiosity about the contents of BarkBox’s monthly gift boxes. The short answer is they include some paw-some stuff! But if you really want to know, the regular BarkBox contains 2 toys, 2 treats, and a chew for your pooch each month.

However, if your dog’s love for gnawing is on a whole new level, the company also offers a Super Chewer box that contains 2 tougher toys, 2 hearty chews, and 2 bags of treats to appease your chomper’s appetite for destruction.

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