Hot Cocoa Snowman Melts In Your Drink Releasing Mini Marshmallows And Chocolate Chips

At first look, Trader Joe’s Hot Cocoa Snowman just seems like your typical Christmas-themed white chocolate treat. Of course, it even stays true to its character with a black hat, a pair of black eyes, and an orange nose. While it’s very tempting to gobble it as it is, there’s actually a far better way of enjoying it.

As your neighborhood grocery suggests, this sweet treat goes perfectly with a cup of warm milk. Simply dunk it into your mug, allow it to melt, and watch the magic unfold. According to the product description, “He’ll bob and tip, like he’s enjoying a cozy bath… until he starts to melt.”

Trader Joe's Hot Cocoa Snowman
Trader Joe’s

By the time the outer surface melts, that’s when you’ll get to enjoy more of the good stuff. We’re talking about chocolate chips and mini marshmallows—yum! Sure, it’s delightful to see all these treats come together in your cup. But we have to admit, it’s also quite disturbing in a way.

Trader Joe's Hot Cocoa Snowman in Mug
Trader Joe’s

Nonetheless, as Olaf from Disney’s Frozen would put it, some people are just worth melting for. Well, for our snowman buddy, there are just some drinks worth melting for. And once everything has completely melted, give it a good stir, and enjoy your cup of decadent chocolate drink.


If you prefer your drink to be richer and more chocolatey, you can also opt for a chocolate-flavored milk. Meanwhile, if you want an extra kick, feel free to add your snowman buddy into your cup of boozy eggnog. After all, hot chocolate drinks are not just for kids.

Indeed, this is such an ingenious way to turn your regular cup of milk into a hot chocolate drink. That said, we’re betting that this hot cocoa snowman will likely sell out pretty fast. So, strike fast and head to your nearest Trader Joe’s branch to grab one of these unique chocolaty treats now.


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Source: Trader Joe’s