Dog Owners Are Going Barking Mad For These Funny Dog Tags

Having a furry, four-legged member of the family comes with a lot of responsibilities. We have to make sure that they’re healthy and safe at all times. Unfortunately, dogs can sometimes go missing, no matter how much you try to make sure it doesn’t happen. Imagine coming home from work, expecting those happy yaps and dances and finding silence. That’s every dog owner’s worst nightmare right there! Fortunately, Eastcoast Engraving’s funny dog tags may help to solve this heartbreaking crisis.

A dog tag is an essential accessory for any pet owner. For one, it lets people know what your adorable pooch’s name is. But more importantly, you can customize it to include your name and contact information, so that in the event that your pet wanders too far from home, whoever finds him will know how to return him to you. These tags will do this and more. They make identification tags that not only have information, but personality.

not all who wander are lost
Eastcoast Engraving


a trio of dogs with funny dog tags
Eastcoast Engraving


pooch wearing a funny dog tag
Eastcoast Engraving


These funny dog tags that show what type of pet owner you are

Seems like pet owners’ personalities are unique, much like their pets and the way we show affection to them is different. Naturally, our reaction to the news of their sudden absence will vary as well. There will be some who will immediately go into panic mode, while there will be some who’ll waste no time in attempting to locate their missing companion. However, whether you’re a worrywart or the calm and collected type, Eastcoast Engraving’s got you.

my mom is ugly crying
Eastcoast Engraving


i am loved please return me
Eastcoast Engraving


The tags are customizable

They’ve been making customized tags for both pooches and people since 2015. Their aluminum dog tags engraved with hilarious and even snarky messages have proven to be a hit. Eastcoast Engraving has a range of tags available on their site. So, you can engrave up to four lines on the reverse side of the dog ID tag. You can engrave your name, address and phone number in the four allotted four lines. Each line has 15 character limit to fit the inch-high and 1.7in wide dog bone-shaped tag.

have your people call my people
Eastcoast Engraving


funny dog tags with owner's contact information
Eastcoast Engraving


white puppy wearing eastcoast engraving's funny dog tags
Eastcoast Engraving

So, the tags come in various colors. You can get it in pink, purple, black, silver, red, green and blue. Tags already engraved with messages cost a set price each. But there is also an option of creating your own tag, which runs for a cheaper price. Furthermore, the company offers free shipping for orders over $25.

funny dog tags b..ches love me
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dog poses while wearing funny dog tag
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Dog collars with tags are still important, despite the introduction of microchip implants

The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) recommends that all pets be tagged and microchipped. They encourage this to help owners locate their pets, in the event that their pet goes missing. But tangible collars and tags are still as important and reliable. After all, tracing a lost pet’s whereabouts or family using the microchip system requires a bit of work. But, dog tags engraved with the owner’s information simplifies the process. One phone call can solve the nerve-wracking issue. However, things can get more complicated when the pet’s tag is removed by accident or on purpose, so the microchip still proves to be essential.

dog wearing a funny dog tag


oh snap funny dog tag
Eastcoast Engraving

Get your own tags here.

Seems like the hilarious pet tags have been making quite a buzz online

both mine have help i'm lost


already got the ugly crying in pink and blue








petsmarts and petcos offer similar service


these are awesome


we had to lock the back door because our dog used to bust through it


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