This Company Creates Pet Tags That Lets You Share A Necklace With Your Dog Or Cat

Dogs are not just our most loyal companions but they’re also our most cherished treasures. Just like a member of the family, we always want to be by their side all the time. WeLink is here to make you feel like you’re always close to your beloved pet. This company specializes in making custom made dog tags featuring a cut-out silhouette of your dog. The owner can unclip the cut-out from the tag and wear it as a necklace or a bracelet. It’s like a couple matching pendant for dogs and their owners.

WeLink was established from the idea of creating dog tags in the shape of our precious dogs. Each dog tag is made of stainless steel featuring a frame which includes a detachable cut-out of your pet’s outline. The company creates a wide array of pet tags for big dogs and small dogs. Big dog tags measure 1.6 inches in diameter and 0.9 mm thick while the small dog tags measure 0.81 inches in diameter.


welink big dog tag labrador retriever


welink dog tags with cut-out

Aside from the cut-out silhouette, each tag will engrave the name of the dog and the owner’s address or phone number. Or any quote you want in the tag as long as it doesn’t exceed more than 30 characters. Check out the company website to browse and shop from its entire collection of custom made dog tags for your big dog and small dog. WeLink currently has 67 designs for big dogs featuring outlines of 67 different dog breeds. From Labrador retriever and German shepherd to Siberian husky and Saint Bernard, they have them all for your large-sized dog.

welink big dog tag german shepherd


welink big dog tag german shepherd cut-out


welink big dog tag boxer mixes


welink big dog tag boxer mixes cut-out

As for the smaller breeds of dogs, WeLink currently has 10 different dog tag designs. There’s one for Chihuahuas, dachshunds, Shih Tzus, Pomeranians, terriers, labradoodles, papillons, pinschers, whippets and more. If you can’t find your specific breed then you may want to opt for the available design that is similar to your dog’s shape. Or you can contact the company to discuss your customization details.

custom made dog tag chihuahua


custom made dog tag chihuahua cut-out


custom made dog tag pomeranian mixes


custom made dog tag pomeranian mixes cut-out

How about cats, you may ask. Don’t they also deserve the same kind of love? Of course, they do. As a matter of fact, WeLink also offers tags for cats which includes 3 different designs for hairless, purry, and lazy cats. In addition to dogs and cats, the company also offers tags for horse and pig.

custom made cat tag


custom made cat tag cut-out


“As animal advocates, we want to make a positive difference for all animals in need. Every tag you buy, donates and provides much needed funds for dogs, cats, and other homeless pets who are suffering right now in our home country Colombia.”, WeLink wrote on their site.

welink horse tag


welink pig tag

So, buy these incredible pet tags now to help support this advocate.

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