30 People Share Their Tattoo Designs That Were Inspired By The Beauty Of Architecture

Tattoos are becoming more socially acceptable these days. So, it’s not entirely surprising to see the rising popularity of architecture tattoos. In fact, it has become a way to immortalize a memory of a place that people hold dear to their hearts. Be it their neighborhood, a remarkable tourist spot, or even a dream destination.

Indeed, getting a tattoo is a great form of self-expression. But other than that, it’s also great a way to keep some memories alive and carry them with you. In this article, we’ve compiled several photos of stunning architecture-themed tattoos that will surely inspire you to get inked. Let us know your favorite in the comments section below!









While it’s common to see tattoos on arms and legs, some choose to get inked on unexpected places on the body





From minimalist architectural lines to intricate cityscapes, the human body proves to be a wonderful canvas for talented tattoo artists. Anyone will surely be able to appreciate the beauty of an architecturally inspired body art—architects and non-architects alike.





And just like any form of art, artists have different ways of perceiving and interpreting their subjects. It’s truly amazing to see how they are able to portray these structures and give them a whole new vibe.






For instance, different tattoo artists have varying ways and styles of depicting the Empire State Building or the Eiffel Tower. Some go for hyper-realistic versions, while others opt for abstract and minimalist ones.







Meanwhile, intricate medieval architectural styles prove to be among the popular choices as well. Aside from famous landmarks, we’ve also seen individual architectural elements like stairs, doors, and windows.