18 Examples Of Strange Things You Can Find At Thrift Stores

Everyone loves a bargain and rummaging through all the stuff in the thrift store can be a lot of fun. These stores sell everything from electricals and clothes to even stranger stuff, and it’s the weird stuff we’re concentrating on in this post. Check out the “beautiful” Mona Lisa… there is something not quite right about her. What about the book? That must have the weirdest title ever! Get ready to laugh out loud at these 18 fine examples of thrift store treasure!
Website: ThriftingNightmares

What. On. Earth?

Minimalist neutral fashion at its best.

That doll doesn’t look so healthy…

Wonder how much he cost?

The stuff of nightmares!

Remember these? Annoying then and completely annoying now.

What is this?

What better way to celebrate the millennium than by wearing this cool top?

You’d be frightened to have that in your house!

It’s bizarre how interesting other people’s journals are!

Imagine seeing that face when you switch on the light!

The ultimate masterpiece!

You need one of these in your home.

Almost cool?

Oh the terror!

A beautiful bedside ornament that will never give you nightmares…


This cow is very amoo-zing!