This Is What Darth Vader Would Get Up To If He Was Just A Regular Guy


What would 'Darth Vader' look like if he was just a regular guy with normal everyday problems? Amateur photographer Pawel Kadysz asks himself this question every day. Why? Because he's just begun a bizarre, yet amusing, 365-day project with the goal of producing a new photograph of 'regular Darth' every day for a year. All the images you see below are selfies, caught on a 'Mirrorless Olympus' with a few 'M.Zuiko' lenses and a cheap amateur strobe. Take a look, which is your favorite version of Darth?
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'Damn! I Forgot half the stuff I was supposed to buy.'


Brushing his teeth is a wee bit challenging for poor old Darth!


He's trying to find some inspiration.


That's a pretty regular breakfast.


'I just love Gordon Ramsey!'


Getting into the chores.



'The Force' is weak today.


'Things I love doing.'


Just another standard Monday morning.


Oops… someone overslept!


Getting back into shape.


Getting ready for that important meeting.


Ah… the old days!


'I know most of this stuff. But, there's always room for improvement.'

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