Froot Loops Pop-Tarts Are Reportedly Hitting Shelves In 2020

Our toasters have witnessed Pop Tarts’ different tongue-tickling versions over the years. However, all those combinations have got nothing on what Kellogs has coming for us in 2020. Remember the good old days when the toughest choice you had to make was choosing between Froot Loops and Pop Tarts for breakfast? Do you still struggle with this dilemma today? Well, your troubles will soon be over, because Froot Loops Pop-Tarts is now a thing, and it’s reportedly already hitting shelves ahead of its official January 2020 release!

Kellogs is certainly welcoming the new decade with a bang with this combo. The fruity cereal we’ve loved since childhood is coming in Pop Tart form and our little ‘90s hearts are aflutter with joy! The exciting new Pop Tart was officially announced at the 2019 National Association of Convenience Stores (NACS). Much to their delight, famous food-focused Instagrammer @candyhunting happened upon the happy announcement there. The product’s confirmation was definitely a treat for the blogger, who posted a mock up of the item way back in April this year.




This is the mock up that the snack sleuth posted in April:


The Froot Loops Pop-Tarts combines two iconic breakfast treats in one

Ah, Froot Loops. Didn’t you just love shoveling spoonfuls of it while watching your favorite toon on a Saturday morning? I know I did. That’s why this mash up brings me so much joy. If you love Pop Tarts and Froot Loops like I do, you’d better be on high alert for the epic mash up when they hit shelves next year. The two brands’ mother company released an official statement confirming the product, saying:


“Starting January 2020, two beloved Kellogs brands are combining for a first-ever mash up. Introducing new Froot Loops Pop-Tarts, a tasty, frooty treat with all the deliciousness you’d expect from these two favorites.”

The flavor is limited edition, so snatch ‘em as soon as you spot ‘em! Remember, the brand’s products pop in and out of shelves without much warning, so if you’re digging this flavor combo, we suggest you stock up as much as you can while they’re available. 2020’s certainly shaping up to be a happy new year indeed!



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INCOMING!??(2 pics) I got a message from tucan sam from @kelloggsus that they combined frootloops with @poptartsus to bring cereal on the go to a new level. Since 2019 has been #yearofthecereal this doesn't surprise me to much but I'm not mad about it at all. This one of the latest @poptartsus to be released. Upon opening them I got hit with that notorious frootloop smell as I was opening up a new box of the cereal. Taking the first bite I was just amazed at how much they nailed the taste. Theres no mistaking what your eating here. Frootloops are one of those cereals that taste just as good dry as they do with milk, and as a kid I could sit there with a box and just eat them with out milk watching my favorite cartoon so i didn't have to keep getting up for more milk lol. To be honest theres not much more to say about these, if you like @frootloops then you are going to love these poptarts. They come with 6 fun designs but you wont be looking at them long after your first bite. These have easily moved into my top 5 for favorite poptarts. Hopefully they will do more combinations like idk, maybe Applejacks ??? What's your favorite poptart? Let me know in the comments ?????? #candyhuntingisfun #workouttoeat #chocolate #snacksforhal #cookies #foodadventure #foodislife #foodisawesome #foodforthought #foodporn #foodjunkie #allthesnacks

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However, you might not need to wait until the ball drops to get your hands on the Fruit Loops Pop-Tarts. Several Instagrammers, like @snackstalker, have spotted the 16-pack of this item at Walmart. Mysteriously, the product remains unlisted on the retail giant’s website.

They’re probably waiting to unveil it online on January, as scheduled. Others who’ve had the good fortune of finding this item have weighed in as well. “They taste exactly like Fruit Loops,” one wrote. In addition to the flavor, the Froot Loops-flavored Pop Tarts also come in six different designs for you to discover.