28 Clever People With The Right Ideas

When it comes to being clever, we think that this can be represented in many ways. For example, some people are good at solving problems whilst others are good at planning things. What we are trying to say is that being clever isn’t limited to one area. Here we have a whole range of clever people who highlight the varying ways that you can show amusing ingenuity. However, some of them we definitely don’t recommend replicating! Take a look, you might find that you become inspired! 

If you’re having trouble getting the ants in your home to enter their trap, you could try some motivational signs…

Some people have no shame when it comes to stealing other people’s food and drink items. Below there is a great example of how to deter people! 

Well, this may require a bit of effort but it would definitely work well!

If you need a pretty background for your make up but don’t have a nice rug, cats make for a great alternative! 

We wouldn’t want to lose our chameleon either, so, this is a wonderful idea! 

Okay this one is definitely not clever and we don’t recommend it but it did make us laugh a little! 

This person has a highly amusing way of using magnets to alert others whether the dishwasher is clean or dirty. 

We wonder how effective this sign is? It has got us quite intrigued about the sandwich! 

Well, you can’t deny the dedication here! But, maybe he was just scared of the teacher… 

We don’t think baby wipes could salvage this…

How to help someone else in your household out if they’ve run out of toilet paper whilst you’re both using separate bathrooms. 

No one likes oven watching but no one also likes their food being over cooked. Here’s a great solution! 

When your delivery person disguises your package as a pillow. Well played! 

We really admire how many different kinds of clever people there are in this world. Admittedly some of these ideas aren’t what you would brand as genius or revolutionary, but, they certainly brightened up our day. Despite some of them being quite simplistic we will still definitely be taking inspiration from a few of them! For example, the dog delivering the toilet roll is great! There’s even more examples of clever people to be found below so keep scrolling to see even more! 

This guy knows how to relax and set an atmosphere! 

Are you tired of your dog interrupting dinner time? If you’ve got a pool and something that floats, your problem is solved! 

Who says you need epic Photoshop skills to cut someone out? This girl managed just fine… 

We love this! So much adorable in one photo. 

When the weather is hot enough to bake cookies in your car, why would you not bake cookies in your car?

The person responsible for the note below accidentally ate their dad’s birthday cake, but let’s hope that the humor reduced the punishment! 

That is one lucky pothole… who doesn’t love caterpillar cake?!

How to censor a nude statue without looking ridiculous… 

We see what you did there… 

May the best slug win. 

This one definitely fooled us but try it out for yourself! 

By the looks of things, these guys were quite far over the limit! 

A fifth grader’s attempt at making their life easier. It may not have been successful but we admire the effort! 

Asking a previous partner for money can lead to a complicated situation because you just never know how they will react.

If this guy feels better, then good for him.