Good Humor Has Teamed-Up With Pop-Tarts To Create Brown Sugar Cinnamon Ice Cream Bars

The concept of combining two good snack items to make an entirely new (and more iconic) version isn’t exactly new. Brands have been busy doing this for years. But have you ever stopped to think what Pop-Tarts would taste like in ice cream form? If you have, then brace your sweet tooth because it’s here! Pop-Tarts and Good Humor have come together to make an ice cream version of the beloved Brown Sugar Cinnamon tarts! In its product page, Good Humor wrote,

“Bringing together the magic of two magical brands, Pop-Tarts and Good Humor, this is a classic ice cream on a stick dessert that you can enjoy without guilt.”

Good Humor x Pop-Tarts Brown Sugar Cinnamon packaging

Good Humor

Over the years, Good Humor has delighted generations with their yummy ice cream truck treats. And now they’ve upgraded their classic Creamsicle by adding crushed Pop-Tarts into the mix. This combination literally says that it’s the breakfast ice cream treat we’ve all been (unknowingly) wishing for.


The Brown Sugar Cinnamon Creamsicle contains crushed Pop-Tarts

“This ice cream bar is a great choice for those who like fudgesicles, ice pops, and other dairy desserts – and promises to tickle your taste buds even if you usually indulge in more premium ice creams.”

Good Humor x Pop-Tarts Brown Sugar Cinnamon

Good Humor

According to Good Humor, the ice cream bars are made with quality, guilt-free ingredients. The diary, for one, is sourced from cows that weren’t given any artificial growth hormones, meaning the milk is all-natural! The ice cream bars consist of three layers of alternating textured goodness. It starts with a crunchy and chunky outer shell that’s coated entirely with crushed Pop-Tarts. Then, a layer of delicious vanilla ice cream encases the hidden cinnamon core.

The iconic ice cream bars come in boxes of six. Shoppers have begun spotting them in the freezer aisle. And there reaction’s quite divided. Some love it, but others are realizing that they’re not really fans of cinnamon-flavored ice cream. They’re available in various retailers for under $4 in supermarkets. Hopefully this won’t be the first and last time we get a mash-up from these two brands!



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?Good Humor and Pop-Tarts have come together for one amazing collaboration! Brown Sugar Cinnamon flavored Good Humor Ice Cream Bars are now on store shelves! ? I was excited for this collab because I’m a fan of the Good Humor Ice Cream Bars line-up and the Brown Sugar Cinnamon (Unfrosted) Pop-Tarts are one of my two absolute favorite Pop-Tarts. I spotted these at Acme last Saturday. ? There are six Ice Cream Bars per box. There appears to be a Brown Sugar Cinnamon center, surrounded by Vanilla Ice Cream, and then an outer layer that is finished with Good Humor’s signature cake-like crumbles exterior. ? These were quite delightful treats, and I did enjoy them very much. Now I don’t know if this is just me, but I wish there was a stronger Brown Sugar Cinnamon flavor in these Ice Cream Bars. The flavor was good but very toned down and subtle, and at times took a backseat to the vanilla ice cream. With that being said, I still thought they were tasty. ? Now that we’ve seen one Good Humor/ Pop-Tart collab, I can’t wait to see if there will be others. What Good Humor/Pop-Tart collab would be your dream come true? ? Thank you all for joining me this week! ?? Next week will be a week chock full of reviews including Ben and Jerry’s and Nestle Toll House! See you all soon! ? – Kim ???

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Brown Sugar Cinnamon Ice Cream Bars @goodhumor_icecream @poptartsus . . . . Good luck finding these in the city. Had to venture out to New Jersey to find them, and boy am I glad I did. That cinnamon is nice and so creamy. Almost like a ice cream Cinnabon. The crunchy outside and ice cream finishes it off perfect. Crushing the fuck out of this box. ???? . . . . #poptart #poptarts #brownsugarcinnamon #cinnamon #goodhumor #icecream #icecreamlover #icecreambar #goodhumoricecream #icecream? #? #?? #new #stopandshop #iscreamyouscreamweallscreamforicecream #snackmurder #tryeverything . . . Come murder more snacks with me and follow @snackmurder ????DM me if you would like your product reviewed

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You can use Good Humor’s store locator to find the nearest retailer selling this delicious treat.

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