Artist Turns His Breakfast Eggs Into Works Of Art

For most of us, the questions we face when it comes to our eggs is shall we have them boiled, scrambled, poached or fried? But, for one artist, what to do with his eggs has a totally different meaning! Michele Baldini from Mexico has a serious talent for transforming breakfast eggs into works of art. We particularly love the spider web and Starbucks designs!

Have a ‘purr-fect’ start to your day!

We don’t blame the bee for being attracted to that delicious yolk!

When your kids say they want McDonald’s…

Serve your guests up a nice plate of annoyance.

A sweet treat for Valentine’s day perhaps?

We don’t think Pac-Man will ever be forgotten.

How, just how?!

Giving your morning Starbucks a whole new meaning…

The perfect meal for May 4th…

You’ve got to be careful with this fragile tennis ball…

We don’t know many people who can make a Van Gogh out of eggs!

‘Talking to the moon…’

All around the world, people are appreciating these eggs.

Yin and Yang.

Source: Instagram

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