Totino’s Pizza Rolls Has Released A Ham & Cheese Flavor That Will Remind You Of The ‘90s

Even though we ‘90s kids have all grown up, it’s clear to see that our love for Totino’s Pizza Rolls hasn’t faded away. We still can’t get enough of that mouth-burning goodness after all these years! And now, just weeks into the end of this decade, the iconic pizza brand has re-launched a nostalgic flavor pairing that had us reminiscing of the days we willingly scorched our mouths with their rolls’ delicious pizza-flavored lava.

A few weeks ago, @snackstalker, an Instagram account dedicated to discovering the newest snack offerings, spotted Totino’s Ham & Cheese-flavored pizza rolls at Publix. The new flavor’s departure from Totino’s pizza-flavored offerings stirred up a buzz online. According to @snackstalker, the rolls actually taste good. However, a lot of pizza loyalists have expressed their discomfort at the idea of a non-pizza-flavoured roll existing. This isn’t the first time Totino’s has attempted to try new flavors. Earlier this year, they released a Cheeseburger-flavored variety, then in 2017, they also created a Macaroni & Cheese with Bacon version.


Make breakfast and snack time more interesting with these Ham & Cheese Totino’s Pizza Rolls

Truth be told, the ham & cheese pizza rolls aren’t new. This flavor pairing actually came out in 2005. However, at the time, “the taste wasn’t bad, just… lacking”. Because of this, Totino’s put the flavor pairing on the backseat for a while. They sized it down and included in their snack mix earlier this year, before officially releasing it as a full-size pizza roll yet again.

totino's pizza rolls front packaging

In comparison to the rather plain pairing they released in 2005, Totino’s has definitely improved their ham & cheese combination. The new sandwich-inspired roll now boasts honey-cured ham bits mixed in with creamy, reduced-fat cheddar cheese filling.

“Totino’s Ham and Cheese rolls are a spin-off of your favorite pizza-flavored rolls. Filled with real cheese and ham pieces, this beloved sandwich flavor is now in a convenient bite-size pieces.”


back of totino's pizza rolls ham and cheese flavor

Each bag contains 50 pieces of pizza rolls, and is available at Walmart, Meijier and Publix. We’re definitely gonna grab more than one bag of this. After all, pizza rolls have a special place in every ‘90s kid’s heart.