You Can Now Get Pop-Tarts New Frosted Chocolatey Churro Flavor

Every now and then, our cravings for churros strike out of the blue. But there’s just one problem – we’re just too lazy to make our own churros. Thankfully, Pop-Tarts knows how to make our life easier. With its new Frosted Chocolatey Churro flavor, we can have a taste of the classic fried pastry anytime we feel like it. No need to prepare the dough and torment ourselves from oil splatters when deep frying the dough.

Furthermore, there’s no need to prepare a separate chocolate dipping sauce. The new Frosted Chocolatey Churro treats offer the flavors of deep-fried dough, cinnamon sugar sprinkles and chocolate dipping sauce all packed in one treat. Each toaster pastry has a chocolate-flavored filling mixed with cinnamon and brown sugar. The chocolatey filling is sealed inside two layers of thin crumbly pastry crust that’s topped with sugar sprinkles.


Pop-Tarts Frosted Chocolatey Churro

pop-tarts frosted chocolatey churro

These ready-to-eat treats can be eaten fresh out of the pack. But since churros are best enjoyed warm, you can also pop them in your toaster. You can also heat these treats in the microwave for a crisp, warm crust. And just like real churros, these pastries pair perfectly well with a glass of milk.

pop-tarts frosted chocolatey churro flavor


pop-tarts toaster pastries churro flavor

A quick and tasty snack for churro-lovers, it makes an ideal addition to lunchboxes and gift baskets. Plus, it comes in travel-ready packaging for the on-the-go moments. Kellogg’s has officially rolled out the new Frosted Chocolatey Churro flavor. So, keep your eyes on the snack aisle when you next visit the grocery store.

The new flavor comes in 8-count boxes. But if that’s not enough to satisfy your churro craving then Walmart exclusively offers the 16-count variant just for you. You can find the bigger 27-oz box at your nearest Walmart store or get it online.

Source: Walmart