Amusing Photos Showing Kids Being Strange

Part of growing as a person means trying things out, even if they are a little (or, a lot) strange. Being a parent is wonderful because your kids will always make you laugh and surprise you. Although, sometimes these surprises are totally weird and random!

Here we have a list of amusing photos showing kids being strange. It’s interesting to think that we all were children once, children that got up to all sorts of bizarre things!

What is it that kids love so much about bean bag stuffing?!

When it’s cold, there’s only one way to do your business apparently…

This looks like a great way to stop people from invading your personal space!

Hide and seek is always interesting when children are involved…

‘If I pretend to be the cat, maybe they’ll stop feeding me vegetables…’

We really hope that the plunger was brand new!

We don’t really have any words for this!

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We REALLY hope that child isn’t drinking the tank water.

This is how he chooses to watch TV. This would spook us every time we saw it!

Sometimes we are our own worst enemies!

We all want to escape every now and again!

We didn’t know that spiders liked tea! Awesome.

Some kids want to be superheroes, characters etc. This child wanted to be… a traffic light. We love it!

‘Let’s go out for a nice meal’ they thought…