You Can Now Get Half Christmas Trees To Stop Pets From Destroying Your Masterpiece

One of the things that we look forward to when the holiday season rolls in is putting up and decorating the tree. Sadly, a lot of us also kind of dread putting up the tree because of our resident furry friends. Pet parents can all relate to this holiday woe. To us, Christmas tree + pets = disaster. That’s why, aside from meticulously planning the yearly decorations, pet owners also have to figure out a crafty way of pet-proofing their tree. However, this headache-inducing tradition may soon end thanks to the half Christmas trees.


dressed up half christmas tree


snowy half christmas tree

Yes, that’s right. This year, the leading digital retailer has released a tree that just might be solution to the age-old Christmas problem. Technically, you’re still gonna have that standard 6-foot tall tree, but you won’t have to worry about your little tiger leaping and knocking it down while you’re gone!


Ditch the hassle of re-decorating with one of these half trees

green half christmas treee sans decorations


snowy half christmas tree sans decorations


Let’s face it. As much as we love looking at Christmas decorations, the actual task of putting them up is a whole lot of serious work. Hours, days and sometimes, in extreme cases, months go into the assembly of Christmas decorations in our homes. Nothing compares to the satisfaction we feel after actually accomplishing it. However, the dread creeps in pretty quickly after the initial rush ebbs.

It’s always a shame when we come home to find our perfect tree knocked down after a long day at work. But with Argos’ ingenious new tree, all this hassle just might become holiday history.


green half christmas tree bristles

You won’t have to worry about the potential holiday disasters involving your Christmas tree anymore thanks to this pet-proof tree. Plus, if Santa’s extra generous this year, there’ll be more room for presents compared with the conventional tree!


It’s a really convenient tree

half christmas tree measurements


Given its minimalist nature, this tree is easier to set up and store away than the traditional trees. There’s a lot less branches to attach to the tree’s metal stand, so that’ll definitely save you a lot more time! For a half-sized 6-foot tall tree, it’s pretty lush with its 302 bristle tips. More importantly, the tree is fire retardant, so you won’t have to worry about any fires during this jolly season.


green christmas tree stand


snowy half christmas tree stand


After Christmas, you won’t have to sweat storing this away either. You can easily disassemble this tree and put it back in its box. The box should easily slide into any space, since it’ll only be 78 inches tall, 33 inches wide and 25 centimeters in diameter.


There are two Christmas tree versions

argos half christmas trees


Because Christmas is all about winter fun, Argos offers two versions of the tree. There’s a classic green tree and a ‘snow-dusted’ version. Both trees are 6 feet tall and have bottom branches that reach up to 73 inches. The classic green tree is available here and here while the snow-dusted version you can find here.

Unfortunately, the pet-and-toddler-proof tree is only available in the UK at the moment. However, once this item becomes more widely available, we’re sure pet-owners and young parents around the world would certainly snap ’em up in an instant.

Watch how easy to set up the half Christmas trees are


Just because your apartment’s cramped doesn’t mean you have to miss out on the holiday decorating fun either! Argos’ trees are perfect for those with limited space! The special tree is also designed to shed less.